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txt buddy?

name: Melissa
age: 25
current weight: 290
weight goal: 130
height: 5'3
what you need help with the most: Motivation

text buddie request
country: USA
sex: F
height perfered: doesn't matter
weight range perfered: doesn't matter

hii <3

name: nikki
age: 24
country: USA*
current weight: 145
weight goal: 105 - 92
height: 5'2

text buddie request
country: doesn't matter
sex: female 
age: over 21
height preferred: doesn't matter
weight range preferred: doesn't matter


Name- Elizabeth
Age 22
Height 5' 4
Current Weight 123
Goal Weight 100
Goal weight to be reached by 5-20 115

Who I would like to have as a texting buddie
Age- Any
Height- Any 
Weight- I would prefer talking to someone who weighs about the same as me, But I don't mind talking to anyone else either. I just want support :)
Sex- preferably female, but again on that I don't mind talking to the boys too. I just want some love and support :)

I really hope that someone is going to want to be my friend. Can't wait to hear from you
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name: anaaboness
age: 16
country: UK
current weight: 106lbs
weight goal: 82lbs
height: 4'11"
what you need help with the most:  Just general support really and someone to talk to.

text buddie request
country: UK
sex: Don't mind
age: Don't mind
height perfered: Close to mine, say up to 5'5"
weight range perfered:  Don't mind


name: nikki
age: 23
country: usa!! NJ!!!
current weight: 160
weight goal: 105
height: 5'1
what you need help with the most: motivation! it's hard living w/ my bf whos a junkfood junkie!! lol

text buddie request
country: doesn't matter
sex: female
age: doesn't matter
height perfered: close to same
weight range perfered: i would like someone close to my weight and goals. but i'm not discrimating!!

msg me & letme know !
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 name: Charlotte
age: 18
country: UK
current weight: 166
weight goal: short term= 160
long term= 110
height: 5'6"
what you need help with the most: Remembering why I am doing what I am doing when times get tough and not giving in to eating just because I am bored. 

text buddie request
country: UK
sex: Don't mind
age: Between 18 and 30 would be sweet but I'm not really that bothered. 
height preferred: Don't mind
weight range preferred: Don't mind

I also have BBM if you have a blackberry and want to chat for free (isn't it just the best?) Just ask for my pin and I will be happy to oblige :) 

Hello from California

name: Theresa
age: 24
country: USA (in Cali)
current weight: OMG... 178lbs.. Yup. Time for the gym. I JUST weighed myself and am thoroughly grossed out.
weight goal: 125lbs
height: 5'4
what you need help with the most:
I would like a person to text with who needs support and.. MOTIVATION.. I am horrible when it comes to doing things unless someone is on my ass about it.. So, Motivation. Support. and Tips if you have any!

text buddy request
country: USA. I have METRO PCS so all my messages are FREE. I can send as many as I want and recieve as many as people send.
sex: I don't care.
age: 18 +
height preferred: 5'1 and over. Anyone at least 5 ft.
weight range preferred: Umm.. someone who wants to lose a lot of weight. Not just like 10 lbs , ya know? Plus I would like to make a new friend as well.

PLEASE COMMENT WITH YOUR E-MAIL so I can send you my number!

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name: kerry
age: 17
country: england
current weight: 46kg? -i think
weight goal: 25kg
height: 5ft 4inches
what you need help with the most: encouragement and diet planing; if some people wanna fast together i'd be more than happy to help out ^^

text buddie request
country: any
sex: any
age: any
height preferred: similar but im not too fussed
weight range preferred: dont mind

hey guys i find from personal experience that fasting with someone else in mind makes things alot easier to resist so if you wanna get in touch to encourage each other then your more than welcome =D

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name: Alaina
age: 20
country: US-Pennsylvania
current weight: 155
weight goal: ultimate goal 100 or less
height: 5'2
what you need help with the most: someone to motivate me during fast, or fasting buddies, and just someone to talk to about all of this and exchange pics

text buddie request
country: doesnt matter
sex: preferably female
age: doesnt matter at all
height perfered: someone close to my height
weight range perfered: doesnt matter at all